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Food and drink


YHA is a charity that provides affordable accommodation for all. They believe in the power of travel and adventure — to connect people to each other, to nature and the outdoors, and ultimately to transform lives. Across 150 hostels nationwide YHA deliver delicious food at affordable prices. The client sought to unify and promote their entire food and drink offer under a cohesive and eye-catching visual identity.


We created a new positioning for the food and drink offer that was uniquely YHA, whilst reflecting the hearty food on offer — great food to fuel your adventures. The visual and verbal identity is a fun and engaging realisation of the creative strategy.

YHA food drink 1
Yha Clipboard 2up
YHA food drink 3
Yha menu hostel
Yha a2 2 up 01
YHA food drink 2
Yha sill reception
Yha posters 01
YHA food drink 4
Yha sill aboard
Yha a2 2 up 02
Yha aboard
Yha a4 5 up
YHA food drink 5
Yha strut 2up
Yha loyalty card
YHA food drink 6