Votes for Women
Royal Mail


To celebrate the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, Royal Mail commissioned us to design a set of stamps and accompanying philatelics showcasing all aspects of the Suffrage campaign.


We used a variety of typographic treatments lifted from campaign paraphernalia of the period and applied to a set of powerful portraits. Highlighting the diversity of the suffrage movement and its many voices across the whole of the UK.

Vf W 1 35
Vf W 2 2
Vf W 24 3
Vf W 19 1
Vf W 8B
Vf W 20 1
Vf W 9
Vf W 22 2
Vf W 10
Vf W 23
Vf W 11B
Vf W 15
Vf W 16
Vf W Footer5