Video Games Stamps | Client: Royal Mail | Supple Studio

Video Games Stamps
Royal Mail


Royal Mail commissioned us to create a set of stamps and collectibles to celebrate the groundbreaking work of the UK gaming scene of the 80s and 90s.


We worked closely with our studio mates Bitmap Books to co-design the final stamps. Working with 100s of screen grabs from game play, we carefully chose images that encapsulate the game. Whilst typography for each stamp is ripped straight from the game itself in order to create pixel perfect representations of the originals. Plus there's a little hidden 'Easter Egg' on each stamp for collectors to discover – only visible with a UV light.

VG Title
VG Stamps1
VG Stamps1 UV
VG Packs 3
VG Stamps2
VG Stamps2 UV
VG Packs 2
VG Packs 1
VG Handstamps
VG Packs 4