Twine Brand Identity | Client: Power to Change | Supple Studio

Twine Brand Identity
Power to Change


A simple web platform and app aimed at community businesses. Designed to help organisations measure their economic, social and community impact more easily and effectively.


We devised a brand name and a dynamic, adaptive identity based around a digital pegboard. Joining elements together to form graphic assets and illustrations.

Twine 1
Twine 2A
Twine 3A
Twine 4
Twine 5
Twine 6A
Twine 19
Twine 7A
Twine 18
Twine 8A
Twine 9
Twine 10
Twine Website 11C
Twine 12B
Twine 13
Twine 14
Twine 15
Twine 16A