The Lighthouse


Currently, children who report sexual abuse may have to wait months for the important therapy and support they need. And have to re-tell their story several times, in several different places. It’s harrowing for them and their families. But The Lighthouse, a new service from charity NSPCC and the NHS puts children first, and provides a safe space for them where everything happens in one place.


We were tasked with creating a new visual identity for The Lighthouse that was sensitive to the needs of its young audience. Our solution was a house full of light that creates a pathway — a beacon of hope for young people. Turning a potentially dark situation into one full of colour and hope.

Lighthouse Logo
Poster Mock Up
Signage 01
Lighthouse Guidelines Darkgrey
Photography 02
Signage 08
Leaflet 02
Signage 02
Poster Mock Up 02
Signage 03
Leaflet Detail
Signage 11
Signs Darkgrey
Signage 05
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Signage 10
Signage 09