One Unforgettable Day


Established in 1986 by Esther Rantzen, Childline offers under 19’s in the UK counselling and advice on any issues that are effecting them. More than just a phone line – Childline is available online and through email so kids can get lifesaving guidance whichever way is best for them. It costs around £30,000 per day to keep Childline open – which is where the ‘One Unforgettable Day’ programme comes into effect. ‘One Unforgettable Day’ allows philanthropists and corporate sponsors to pay for a day of Childline – by picking a date in the calendar that has special significance for them.


We were tasked with creating a covetable commemorative book to give to sponsors and individuals as a thank you for their generosity. Our solution is a casebound book that tells the tale of a typical 24 hours at Childline through counsellor and user stories, paired with photography and simple illustrations that aid the story telling. As the reader flicks through the book the colours slowly fade to darker hues to suggest the passing of the day.

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