Norland College


Since 1892 Norland College have trained the world famous Norland Nannies (known as Norlanders) – au pairs to royalty and the wealthy of the UK and beyond. A Norlander’s training means they graduate as super nannies – adept in everything from cyber security to skid pan training, self defense to sourdough baking.


We were asked to create an animated recruitment advert to encourage new students by giving them a flavour of the diverse training on offer at Norland. Building on Norland’s history and heritage we created a playful and modern storyboard that begins at the iconic Norland HQ’s gates, taking the view on a whistle stop journey through Norland. The whole thing was brought to life with words from totalcontent, the motion skills of our friends at Francworks and voice over by Tanya Rich.

NC Animation Female Characters
NC Animation Male Characters 01