Film 4 Summer Screen
Channel 4

Who ...

Each year Somerset House hosts Film4’s popular outdoor cinema experience – Summer Screen. This year the event has been themed around ‘Dreams, fantasies, reveries and nocturnes’ – with a whole host of appropriate films from Total Recall to Sleeping Beauty.

What ...

We were commissioned by 4Creative to create a press and poster campaign that brings the theme to life; but with a strong focus on the iconic venue. Our solution is a dream-like Escher-esque remix of Somerset House – created in collaboration with illustrator Tishk Barzanji and the brilliant team at 4Creative. And for the movie buffs out there, the final artwork is chock full of references to the films themselves.

C4 Summer Screen Landscape V1
C4 Summer Screen 4Sheet V2
C4 Summer Screen Landscape V3
C4 Summer Screen Poster Tube
C4 Summer Screen Exterior
C4 Summer Screen Crop 04
C4 Summer Screen Crop 03
Ss Guardian Guide 1
C4 Summer Screen Landscape V5