Brand identity and packaging
Cocoa Jones


Based in South East London, Cocoa Jones are a new family-run chocolate company. Founded by husband and wife team Naz Khan and Michael Ogazi in 2017, Cocoa Jones are committed to using the best possible ingredients to create experimental flavour combinations, drawing from an eclectic range of influences.


Building on the couples’ heritage (Pakistani for Naz and Nigerian for Michael), we devised a positioning strategy for Cocoa Jones as ‘Culture Clash Chocolatiers’. We created a swirly CJ monogram that echoes the mixing of ingredients and cultures, whilst reflecting the hedonistic origin of the brand name (Jones is Victorian slang for addiction). Our branded packaging concept builds on this positioning by bringing together their two cultures on pack, uniting two patterns – one Islamic and one African. Patterns were chosen to reflect key ingredients as well as harmonise and achieve maximum stand-out on-shelf.

Range All Blue
Milkchocolate 10151
Darkchocolate 10098
Mangococonutlime 10281
Cj Business Cards
Strawberrypistachiorose 10073
Strawberrypistachiorose 10083
Coffeecardamomlemon 10318
Truffleboxsizes 10218
Datebrazilnut 10178
Raspberrymeringuecocoanibs 10299
Raspberrymeringuecocoanibs 10303
Cocoa Jones Bags
Cj Apron Visual
Cj Truffles
Range Tile 3