Christmas Stamps 2021
Royal Mail


Royal Mail’s Christmas stamps are arguably the jewel in the crown of the Special Stamps calendar. The busy festive season sees millions of cards and packages adorned with Christmas stamps delivered across the world – making it the most seen stamp issue of the year.

We were briefed by Royal Mail to find and commission an appropriate artist to depict the story of the Nativity across a range of six stamp designs.


Our research led us to the internationally renowned artist, Jorge Cocco - a man who has devoted much of his life to religious art. The final six designs portray the Nativity, from the Annunciation through to the journey of the Magi and the birth of Christ and are reflective of Cocco’s modern style of painting - ‘sacrocubism’ - illustrating sacred events through post-cubist art. Inspired as much by Picasso and Braque as the great masters – his approach is colourful, reverential and refreshingly modern.

Working closely with the design team at Royal Mail and Jorge, we art directed a set of stamps that warmly depict key moments and characters from the nativity, creating jewel-like, celebratory stamps that tell the Nativity story with an ethereal and spiritual reverence.

RM Xmas 2021 Stamps
RM Xmas 2021 Paintings1
RM Xmas 2021 FDC
RM Xmas 2021 Handstamps
RM Xmas 2021 Paintings2
RM Xmas 2021 Pack
RM Xmas 2021 Paintings3
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RM Xmas 2021 Generic Sheet
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