Brand Identity | Client: Loris.AI | Supple Studio

Brand Identity


Loris AI is a tech for good start-up, based in New York City. A B2B company with a social mission, Loris optimizes lessons learned from the crisis space to help for-profit companies handle hard conversations. A spin-off of Crisis Text Line — the first free, 24-7 crisis text line in the US — Loris is changing the customer service conversation.

The new brand needed to communicate Loris’ smart, empathetic, human and playful side whilst remaining professional and cutting edge.


We created a Loris logotype with subtle graphic speech bubbles; a typographic nod to their new tag line 'Better Conversations'. And we introduced a playful slow loris character mascot to act as a guide throughout the software interface and marketing (who we affectionately refer to as Doris). Dialling up cues of playfulness, friendliness, warmth, empathy and support, whilst also avoiding the usual cold tech clichés of clean type and coloured gradients.

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