Accommodation Services Identity


UAL are one of the world's leading arts universities, encompassing some of London's most renowned arts colleges. With over 18,000 students across the university, UAL offer a comprehensive accommodation service, covering 12 halls of residence, private accommodation and around the clock support and advice.


We were commissioned to create a visual identity that captures what makes UAL Accommodation different. In the face of growing competition from private halls and organisations, our solution captures UAL's unique offer – where work and play truly meet, overlap, complement and inspire one another.

Ual Accomm 1
Ual Accomm Guide 01
Ual Accomm 3
Ual Accomm Guide Spreads
Ual Accomm 4
Ual Accomm Postcard
Ual Accomm Postcards Angle
Ual Accomm Postcards 02
Ual Accomm Bag
Ual Accomm Parent Guide
Ual Accomm 7