Our process
& approach

What we think—

We think that beautifully executed big ideas (or small ones for that matter), can seriously improve your business. First, we get right under the skin of your brief and what you do. Then we distil this down to simple, effective visual communication … combined with a striking, relevant idea that works for you — and just you.

We don’t work for clients, we work with them. Chemistry and fit are hugely important to us; honest, open relationships are key to unlocking great work. We love working with brands who love what they do as much as we do. But strictly no nasty ones — tobacco peddlers, dodgy drugs companies and Rain Forest tramplers, on your way.

Why work with us?—

Because we’re Supple. We stretch your budget further by breaking the traditional agency structure. Instead, we use a network of trusted creative specialists, and can handpick the talent to suit your project.

We have a diverse range of experience, covering branding, print, advertising, digital, motion graphics, environmental graphics, illustration and packaging. Ready, willing and extremely able, we can handle anything from a full corporate branding scheme to a business card.

Our founder Jamie Ellul has over 16 years’ experience at some of the UK’s leading branding agencies; his work has been recognised at all the major international design awards with every coveted, oddly shaped piece of wood, glass, metal and paper you can imagine. Our in-house team is talented and committed, determined to get the best out of each project we take on.

How We Work—

First of all we ask questions, lots of them. We question your brief, we ask what makes you tick, what makes you different, what your audience expects of you and who your competitors are.

We use this information to help shape a creative strategy. We hunt for what makes you unique, so we can reflect this in your vision, values, positioning and mission. 

With a strategy agreed, we can put our thinking caps on. Never jumping straight on to a computer, but always scribbling, searching for ways to create brand identities filled with meaning, personality and ideas.

Who we work with—

BBC Books, BAFTA, British Heart Foundation, D&AD, New York Times Magazine, Nike, Samsung and Land Securities.

Arjowiggins Graphic Papers, Bath Rugby Club, Channel 4, Chartered Society of Designers, Elm Law, The Glove Factory, Hector Finch Lighting, National Museums of Scotland, NSPCC, London Cycling Campaign, ORX, The Power to Change, Prison Radio Association, Sharing Economy UK, Royal Mail, The Royal Institution, The Royal Mint, Thames & Hudson Books, University of the Arts London, University of Newcastle Australia, University of West of England, Warminster School and Wise Investment. 

We’d love to hear from interesting people who’d like to create great work with us.

Our collaborators—

We think that being a small agency is beautiful. Partly because it means we can get together with super-talented people who make us look good. We’re open about the specialists we work with (in fact, we’d go so far as to say we’re proud to be associated with them). Here are some of our regulars ...




Illustration & Lettering—

Digital Print and Large Scale—

Litho Print—